Are you living a vibrant magical life?

Are you filled with energy, vitality and enthusiasm? Does life feel magical to you?

Are all areas of your life- mental ~ emotional ~ physical  ~ spiritual ~  in balance?

To truly have a great life, each of these areas must be in balance. Just as the 4 elements of air, fire, water and earth must be in balance for life to function on this planet, to be balanced in our human life experience we can take our cues from nature to keep all parts working together.

When you are fully functional at all levels, then you have the energy to create a life full of vitality, fulfillment and MAGIC. What, you ask IS magic? It is releasing doubt, letting go of limitation and jumping into the realm of what might be possible. Magic is creating a life full of wonder, awe, and excitement!

So, what area of your life is getting ignored?

Are you in great shape physically but never devote time to your spirit?

Are you a spiritual person who’s emotions are out of control?

Are you a thinking person who never does anything for your body?

The truth is, you are probably out of balance and are only really living a part of this human experience.

I understand.

There is so much that can get in the way of leading a magical life; old stories, fear, lack of clarity, toxic habits, self-doubt, time management, lack of commitment.

I am here to help you because I have been there. I have experienced the lowest of the lows, self-criticism, not wanting to be seen. I was in hiding. Hiding my powerful magical self, hiding from my message, staying safe. I did not feel vibrant.

I had doubt about, well, everything! I grew up afraid of the world. I didn’t realize then I had the power within myself to create a magnificent life. Until I started to put ALL the pieces of life’s puzzle together, not until all  parts of me were in balance, I felt lacking. When I learned to integrate ALL of me, that is when I felt fully functional, healthy on all levels VIBRANT and MAGICAL!

The earth is a vibrant living planet, but we have become the walking dead.  We are stressed out, we limit our potential, become susceptible to fad marketing and want quick fixes. Our lives are toxic to say the least. Our planet is becoming toxic, too, and we have the power to change both.


The shift to a magical life must begin inside each one of us. Each of us contributes to the greater whole and the only one we can really change is ourselves. Changing toxic thinking, habits and feelings can have a profound effect on raising our individual vibration to have more energy and brilliance in life.

My name is Devra Gregory, I am called Dev. I have a magical life free from convention, I play by my own rules and have found the bravery and energy to step into roles that no one (not even me!) would ever have expected.

Here are some highlights of what I have accomplished-

I have worked as a professional entertainer and dancer for over 40 years, I am a world-class Michael Jackson celebrity impersonator, I am a Wiccan High Priestess,  I produced and performed a one woman show about my life winning a Bravo Award, I produce events called Sacred Flame Fire Circles for people to transform, I hold women’s rituals and workshops, I teach ballet, I am a licensed massage therapist and I own a resale clothing business. At 58 I have the body of a 35-year-old, I take dance class or yoga daily, I have a daily ritual and meditation practice, sleep at least 7 hours a night and  eat a plant based organic diet. And, I feel vibrant and alive!

Wow, sounds like a lot, right?

Anything is possible when you are functioning at your optimal frequency.

There is nothing that you can’t think of that you also can’t accomplish. But you have to get out of your own way. You must clear the energy in you and around you and hold firm to what you want. You must clear old patterns of toxicity and get clear to get vibrant.

Have a look around my web site to know if your heart is called to work with me, to step into the fire of transformation and be the master of your Vibrant MAGICAL Life.

With many blessings for your transformation,






True healing to live a vibrant life is a combined journey of body, mind and spirit.

Devra Gregory is a master healer and leader in all of these areas.

~ Licensed as a massage therapist in 1995, Dev understand the needs of your body. As a dancer she received countless massage sessions to stay healthy. Massage made all the difference in her world and it can in yours!

~ Dev has had an active meditation practice since 1981, studied eastern methods of healing including Reiki and chakra balancing along with powerful Shamanic techniques to clear your stagnant energy.

~ As a professional entertainer for over 40 years, Dev has the expertise to help you with your stage presence so you can feel confidant speaking from the stage.

Do you have-

~ Pain or tightness in your body?

~ Negative mental habits?

~ Attachment to destructive behavior?

~ Fear of being seen or heard?

~ Trouble moving forward doing what you know will help you?

~ Stress?

Devra thrives on sharing her knowledge of personal empowerment and transformation with her clients. She knows change is not always easy and takes time, dedication and practice. Choosing Dev as your personal guide to a vibrant life, you are making an excellent decision for your own healing and inspired life.