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Performance Mastery

Performance Mastery is a three-month, one-on-one private coaching program working intimately with Dev to enhance your stage presence, confidence, and ability to share your message.

For singers, performance artists, speakers and bands.

Single sessions are available.

~Are you a performer or speaker who

wants to up your game?


~Do you need more skill and confidence

 to truly master your performance or speech?

~ Are you ready to get your band polished? 


~ Are you just starting out on stage and need a

mentor for a strong nudge forward?


It would be my honor to help you master the stage.

I have worked as a professional entertainer for over 40 years as a dancer, actor, celebrity impersonator,

musician, and workshop leader.

I produced and performed an award winning

one-woman show from 2012-2014.

I also teach mind set, energy projection and other mental skills to help you come alive on stage. 


Work with me so you too can feel confidant

with your work on stage  

It's practically impossible

to master stage skills on your own.

You need an outside eye to give you feedback

and creative critique.

I want to be your stage mentor. I used to be shy and introverted. I feared being seen or heard. I know what it feels like to want to perform but to be held back by internal fear. 

I will encourage you to be your best. This work is not for stubborn egos, it is for those who can withstand the truth and want to grow no matter what.

I will help you

~ Find your charisma

~Improve your confidence

~ Free your body movement 

~Clarify your vocal expression

~ Learn how to project your energy

~ Feel comfortable being seen and heard




You Will Receive:


~ Six private 90-minute, in-person sessions

(2 per month for 3 months )

May include my attendance at your performance or speaking engagement. 


 Six 30 minute check in calls between sessions

 NOW Available on Zoom



$1,997 Paid in full

Or, three monthly payments of $697

Single Sessions

$222 for 90 minutes


Contact Dev to schedule a free application call

to see if this program is right for you

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