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Awakening Aphrodite
A Movement Workshop For Women
Saturday May 7th ~ 7:00-10:00 pm

Held At: The DanceHouse 2180 Chatsworth Blvd. San Diego, 92107

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Ignite the full force of your feminine energy and potent Goddess Power

In this spring season as fertility abounds, awaken your inner Aphrodite in heart, body and spirit. One week after Beltane, the Pagan Fertility Holiday when both men and women dance in ritual around the Maypole, in this workshop for women (and those who identify as women) participants will experience The Pole in a totally different way! 

Bring out your sensuality in fullness and grace to awaken your inner Aphrodite,

Goddess of Love and sensuality.

The workshop begins with writing and speaking affirmations in acceptance of your body

in all her shapes and sizes, ages and colors.

Then, Dev will guide you on a primal shamanic journey of breath, sound and spinal movements to express your orgasmic feminine energy with your entire being.


Next, you will learn sensual dance moves like circular hips,

undulating the pelvis, rolling the shoulders and waving the spine.

Basic pole moves will be taught however this is not a pole dance class, it is a workshop to awaken and accept your primal female nature.

Finally, each woman will take center stage, solo, 

to express her inner Aphrodite, dancing with The Pole.

You will be videotaped for your own records.

No photos or video will be shared without your permission.

Wear comfortable clothing for the first part of the workshop (yoga pants, leggings)



~Sexy, sensual clothing to change into or wear under your comfortable clothes.

  Lingerie is perfectly acceptable with layers to remove. Heels are optional.

Make-up is recommended but please have it already applied.

~Bring a 3-4 minute song of your choice to dance to, loaded onto your phone.

~Bottle of water

~Your Journal

COST~ $77

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Goddess-Body-Program-pic (1).jpg
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