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Devra Gregory is the REAL DEAL. She is an authentic Pagan Priestess whose sincere desire to serve is palpable. I inquired for her services with total faith that she would be the one to support a peaceful resolution between myself and another individual. I came with anxiety and shame, and left feeling peaceful and proud of the amazing transformation that she effortlessly facilitated. She is MAGIC!! I highly recommend Dev to support emotional healing and spiritual cleansing!!!

Peter John Swartz II

 I was received by Dev in a beautiful, safe  healing environment and guided through a deep breath  session in sync with my own sounds--emotions.  I slowly felt the constriction in my heart space lifting as my  heart space lightened.  Dev conducted a guided visual meditation, that took me back to key moments of my life and "re-coded" the experience.  Where there was pain, my higher self gave me  forgiveness-- and  all the love I needed at those crucial life  junctions.  Following was  a chakra balance.  

As a' healer-healing',  I have experienced many different types of healing modalities throughout the years.  This session was a top-notch healing including  components of  balance and grace, safety, and effectiveness--all of which Dev herself embodies in a beautiful way.  I highly recommend this healing session for anyone seriously ready to heal core wounds.

Tara Jade

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