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Personal Ritual


Somatic Alchemy 

Dev offers One on One sessions for your complete transformation.

Whether you want to improve your health, get rid of an addictive pattern or bad relationship, find your authentic voice and personal power Dev can help. She offers two types of sessions depending on your needs and desires. 


Personal Ritual 

Dev will create a ritual specific to your current life circumstances.

 A ritual may include: intention setting, Spiritual counseling, guided meditation, fire ceremony,

gestalt work, re-writing old programming,  intention setting, guided visualizations, dance, chanting and drumming.

Somatic Alchemy

Using your breath and sound, Dev expertly guides the clearing of old stagnant energy

that may have been lodged in your body since childhood.  Working through the energetic systems of the chakras you will release old patterns that are keeping you from abundance, creativity, personal power, love, self-expression or higher consciousness. Many clients only need one session to completely release these old patterns.




90 Minutes- $170

120 Minutes- $222 

Healing Sessions are at Dev's home in the South Park area of San Diego.

Address provided when booked. 

After you make your purchase, contact Dev to schedule your session


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