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The Frequency of Frequency

By Devra Gregory

By now many of us "get" that we are actually made of energy, not really physical "stuff". Our thoughts don't have a physical form until we think them often or intensely enough. Then, we either take action on the thought and make it real in the world or "something" will happen to bring it about. We are bewildered just how instantaneous it can happen. "Oh WHAT?" we exclaim in amazement, "I just thought that!" (a phone call, breaking something, meeting someone etc...) Perhaps, since time is not really fixed in a linear way we might slip for a moment into the future to "know" what is about to happen. (But that's a whole other topic!)

Or, we may be creating "it" by giving it a potential pathway into being. Our minds are bio-electric mechanisms that send non-stop streams of energy released into the Universe as thoughts. By thinking about something we send a vibrational frequency wave into space like a radio wave. The frequency of something that matches the wave we send out can more easily ride that wave back to us because they are tuned to a similar vibratory pattern, like a radio picking up a station. What we think, we create.

The more we harness and focus the energy (intensity) and direction (intention) of the thought, the more easily it can manifest because the Universe is getting repeated consistent signals and the force of the wave is stronger. We used to call that magic, now it is called manifestation. Same thing.

We not only send out messages, we also have the capacity to receive them.

Just as a radio can tune into various stations but may not be able to get all of them, we receive in alignment with what channels our tuner is tuned into. Tune into love, receive love, tune into fear, hate or pain and well... can you see what is more likely to show up? I am not intending to create blame or self-judgment, but to increase awareness of the power of our thoughts and words.

We can increase the certainty of what we choose to create by writing it every day, praying for it, making vision boards or raising our energy through ritual. Any thing you can do to increase the potency of your energy while focusing on what you want to create is going to get better results. What brings me to the place of heightened energy is ceremony; drumming, dancing singing and chanting all bring me into a higher vibratory rate. And you can get there too. All you need is the willingness to let go into the unknown and unfamiliar world of thinking into the state of “being”.

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