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Ritual Arts Alchemy

An Immersive  In-Person Program in 2022

Held in San Diego, California 

With Dev, founder of the Sacred Flame Fire Tribe

Engage in the Ritual Arts

 Elemental Invocations 

Alchemical Ritual Theatre

Dance Immersions 

 Singing & Spoken Word in Ritual Perfomance

Rhythm & Drumming

Mask Work & Costuming

Archetypal Character Creations

Group Improvisation


8 Sundays from 1:00-5:30 PM

February 13th & 27th, March 13th & 27th, April 10th & 24th, May 8th & 22nd

RAA  culminates at

Phoenix Rising Summer Solstice Gathering

Village Building- June 14th-15th

The Gathering- June 16th-19th

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WHO is RAA For

This program is for people of all genders who have already processed their internal blocks and have released fear of speaking and performing in public

(some feelings of anticipation are normal!).

 RAA is for those ready to take a bigger leap into their creativity who love theatre, ritual experiences, poetry writing, sacred movement, raising energy with song, dance and rhythm and want to share their passion with others.

The desire to help raise the planet's vibrations and inspire others are key.

Participants are ready to open their minds, bodies and spirits to taking risks, to dive deep into spiritual alchemy and have the desire to share powerful experiences within a group dynamic.

Why Participate in RAA?

You understand the power of ritual theatre and sacred performance to change perception and you desire to inspire others.

You’ve done the internal work and now are ready to play deeper, to push your boundaries of creativity and connect intimately with others also ready to take this leap.

At Phoenix Rising Summer Solstice Gathering, the culmination of this program, RAA participants will be creating and leading rituals, explore impromptu ritual “street” theatre and engage fully at the all-night sacred fire circles as leaders and guides to be way-showers of the power of creativity and group engagement in ritual.

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Priestess Blue & white face.jpeg

What RAA Offers 

~ The fundamentals of creating Ritual Theatre

~ Invoking the directions to create sacred space

~ Dance Immersions into the elements, alchemy, the chakras and sacred movement

~ Energy medicine and dance practices

in various styles

~ Rhythm, drumming and songs for rituals

~ Theatrical and Improvisational Exercises

~ Archetypal Character Creation

~ Mask Work, Make-up and Costuming

~ Writing and performing rituals

and spoken word for Phoenix Rising

~ Enhancement of your courage muscles

~ The Feeling of excitement and fulfillment

of your souls purpose

~ A deep connection to others

Cost for The Ritual Arts Alchemy Program

$1,333-Early Bird Registration

Paid in Full by Jan 13th, 2022

$1,555- Regular Registration

Paid in Full by Feb 13th, 2022

Payment in full must be received by the start of the program to attend

To be considered as a RAA participant 

Click Here to Send an Application 


June 14th & 15th- Village Building

June 16th-19th- The Gathering


This program culminates at Phoenix Rising Summer Solstice gathering held 35 miles outside of San Diego and is required attendance for all RAA participants. Co-Created ritual theater is a big part of this event and RAA participants will be performing, leading and participating in rituals throughout the gathering. We camp in nature, together with 80-100 other attendees. During the day are workshops, arts & crafts, vendors and community engagement. At night are the sacred fire circles, immersive ritual at its finest as we dance to the beat of drums around the sacred fire until the rising of the sun. Alternating with dance and rhythm, the space is ripe for personal sharing, songs, and RAA ritual presentations. There are two all-night fire circles and one introductory fire circle the first night.

In addition to participating in the ritual aspects of Phoenix Rising, participants in RAA  

arrive two days early to reharese rituals on site and as Village Builders to assist in

physically setting up the event.

This deepens the bonds with each other, to the community and gives a sense of co-creation of the magick during the event.


RAA Rates

$1,333 - Paid in Full by Feb 13th, 2022

Payment Plans 

Consecutive Monthly Payments 

Two Payments of $697

Three Payments of $497

Four Payments of $397

Five Payments of $337

Rates include attendance and meals at Phoenix Rising Summer Solstice gathering.

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