Awaken Your Magick

With Dev

Reverend Devra Gregory ~ Wiccan High Priestess

Alchemist, Ritualist, Healing Catalyst, Massage Therapist, Dancer, Drummer

Hello, I'm Dev 


My passion and purpose

is to awaken the magick in

your mind, body and soul

I believe everything is sacred,

part of The Divine.

We are living miracles


I want to help YOU awaken 

to your sacred, magickal life

I'connect you

to the sacred power and energy

that flows in you, 

and assist in releasing old patterns

holding you back


With Ceremony & Rituals 

Massage & Bodywork

Drumming & Dance

Shamanic Clearing

Spiritual Counseling

and More

Virtual Sessions on Zoom

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Dev's Offerings


Massage Therapy

Personal Rituals


 Somatic Alchemy

 Officiant Services


Recurring Public Events


 Full Moon Rituals 

Held monthly at various locations in San Diego


Beltane in the Park Saturday May 1st, 2021

Free public event held in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA


 Phoenix Rising June 17th-20th, 2021

A Weekend Immersive Sacred Fire Circle Gathering


Magickal Masquerade Ball (Oct 29th, 2021)

Hallows Ritual and Dev's Birthday Celebration

Yule Celebration (TBD 2021)

Winter Solstice Ritual, Gift exchange and Party. 



A bit about Dev~

I have worked as a professional entertainer, celebrity impersonator and dancer for over 40 years, a ritual leader for 30, and a massage therapist for 25 years. I've produced and choreographed stage productions and an award winning one-woman show, all while seeking my spiritual truth.

Ever since I was 11 I have been on a spiritual quest. Judaism served me well as a youth, then Wicca, Shamanism and Paganism found their way to me. I was initiated into "The Craft" in 1992 and The Goddess revealed herself to me. She beckoned me to Speak of Her. To introduce other women and men to Her so our collective energy reawakens Her back to the planet. That is the only way we will survive, She says. She needs us. She needs you and me. The Sacred Feminine is returning to her power, through us. I bridge my performance background with sacred ritual to awaken others. This is my life purpose.

In 2000 my love of dance joined my spiritual journey while dancing around a sacred fire. 

With drumming, fire and free flowing circular dance, another part of me woke up to the incredible alchemy of existence we are co-creating. Everything I experience now, I see through the lens of The Sacred. Everything can have purpose, even the difficult moments. I strive to always remember we are Divine Beings having a human existence.


My life experiences are woven together to create a very sacred and powerful container of awakening for you.

I invite you to work with me to awaken your sacred nature and live your life with pure magick. 


Circles & Programs​

Path of the Priestess

A year-long group training program for people who identify as female to reclaim their magic, find inner power and learn to master the art of ritual. 

People who join this program gain empowerment through the alchemy of fire ceremony, being seen and heard in public rituals, through the knowledge of gems and crystals, spell-craft, Wicca, energy medicine, Divination, astrology and personal development. This program is the hero's journey, designed to clear old stories keeping women from power, self love and sovereignty. This opportunity connects each individual deeply to other women on the Priestess Path.

2nd and 3rd year programs are also offered

for those ready to deepen their path.

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Read more about The Priestess Path HERE

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Full Moon Rituals

Join Dev for Full Moon Gatherings in San Diego, based on the Wiccan tradition of casting a sacred circle, calling the directions, and welcoming in Divine energies to assist with each person's manifestations. Each full moon ritual is different based on the energies of that moon.


During ritual Dev will ground, center and anchor the energy of each participant to create a vortex of energy utilizing the high vibrational frequencies of the full moon.