Path of the Priestess

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Path of the Priestess

An intimate immersive year long program for women 

Held in-person in San Diego, CA


This intimate program with High Priestess Dev is your portal into

Wicca, magick, ritual knowledge, Shamanic connection and self mastery.

The Priestess Path called you,  Welcome!


  As you step onto this Path, you claim a magickal life. 

Be seen and heard for who you are - 

A Powerful Divine Woman!


In This Program 

~ Learn to Trust Your Intuition

~ Keep the Ancient Sacred Ways Alive

~ Release Old Stories Holding You Back

~ Connect with Nature and the 5 Elements

~ Gain Confidence Performing in Sacred Rituals 

~ Deepen your Connection to The Divine Feminine

 ~ Create Deep and Lasting Bonds with others on The Path

We create our reality with our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

You desire to master your reality.

This is magick and The Path of the Priestess

Those who complete the year long program receive 1st degree Wiccan Priestess Initiation

and are eligible to continue for a 2nd year program as a Priestess in Dev's Coven of the Sacred Flame.


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Enrollment for 2020 is open.


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 You Will Learn

About Wicca, Shamanism, Paganism,

and Earth-Based Spirituality.

About the 5 elements

How to craft a ritual and the tools needed

How to call in the directions

How to use your voice to command power

How to clear and raise energy

How to cast a circle

How to create a Wiccan altar

How to ground and use energy

To use magic wisely

How to connect to the plant and animal kingdoms

To enhance psychic abilities

The use of herbs for magick

How to create a spell

About Divination

The basics of Astrology and your chart

Connect to Spirit Animals and Spirit Guides

To find The Goddess within

Women who join this program create a strong and deep connection with other women on The Path of The Priestess

This Program Includes


14 two-hour immersive workshops.

Lead by High Priestess Dev and special expert guest teachers

8 rituals for the Wiccan Sabbats


A 4 day weekend retreat for Summer Solstice


Two 90 minute One-On-One private Breakthrough Sessions with Dev


 Email check ins and reminders

Invitations through out the year to participate in Rituals open to the public;

Monthly Full Moons, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Hallows and Yule.

Dates given at the introduction 1/19/20



This course is held at a private home in central San Diego (and home to a cat) Address provided to those who register 


Program Dates in 2020

Introduction- Sunday January 19th- 1:00-5:00

Sunday January 26th- 1:00-9:00 

Sunday March 15th- 1:00-9:00 

Sunday April 26th 1:00-9:00

Thursday June 18th through Sunday June 21st

Sunday August 2nd - 1:00-9:00

Sunday September 20th-1:00-9:00

Sunday October 25th-1:00-9:00

Sunday December 20th-1:00-9:00

Sunday January 31st, 2021 7:00-9:00

Sunday Schedule

Workshops -1:00-3:00, 3:30-5:30

Pot luck Dinner- 6:00-7:00

Ritual 7:00-9:00

Sacred Flame Schedule

Sacred Flame Summer Solstice weekend is 4 days June 18-21

at Madre Grande in Dulzura, CA (35 miles east of San Diego)

Thursday June 18th arrival at 10:00 AM

Sunday June 21st 6:00PM- Completion 



Introduction to The Path of the Priestess

Sunday January 19th 1:00-5:00

Meet and Greet other participants. Learn more about the program. Ask questions.

Watch Dev's One-Woman show on DVD

1. Sunday, January 26th- Imbolc- Initiation

Workshop: Sabbats/Wheel of the Year,  Keys to magick, how and why to bring forth the Divine Feminine . Affirming positive life practices. Clearing old stories. 

Energy Medicine

Ritual: Initiation to begin training as a Priestess Initiate. Commitment ritual to fulfill The Priestess Path training

Goddess Invoked: Brigid - Healing, smithcraft, poetry

2. Sunday, March 15th
Ostara - Spring Equinox

Workshop: Calling in the 5 Directions, working with the elements. Learning to create alters, about ritual tools. 

Using your command voice for invocation. Silencing the voice of doubt.

Ritual:  Welcoming growth, planting seeds.

Goddess invoked: Eostar, fertility, transformation

3. Sunday, April 26th

Workshop: Ritual arts; clearing space, casting a circle, grounding, and raising energy.

The components of spell-work. 

Body awareness, dance and drumming as a magickal tool.

Ritual:  Fertility, Self-love, & Sacred Sexuality

Goddess invoked: Aphrodite, Love, Sensuality.

4. Thursday June 18th-
Sunday, June 21st
Litha - Summer Solstice

Attend and participate at Sacred Flame Solstice Celebration. Priestess Initiates assist in the gathering being in service as a staff member, setting up and cleaning up the gathering, and as a Priestess in the opening ritual for the sacred fire circle.  

Priestesses set an example as living archetypes of The Divine and welcome participants to the community. 

Click Here to learn more about

Sacred Flame Solstice Celebration

5. Sunday, August 2nd

Workshop: Learn about gems and crystals in magical work with Jillian Lovejoy owner of Bliss Crystals in Temecula.

Shamanic meditation. Finding your power animal.

Ritual:  Harvest Festival, celebrating the body and food that nourishes us.

Goddess invoked: Gaia. Honoring Mother Earth.

6. Sunday, September 20th
Mabon- Fall Equinox

Workshop: Learn about herbs and incense and their ritual uses in magic and spells. With special guest presenter Liz Davidson, master of herbs and oils.

Working with intuition and energy. 


Ritual: Finding balance with male/female energy 

Goddess invoked: Shiva/Shakti

7. Sunday, Oct 25th

Workshop: Astrology with Simone Butler. An astrologer for over 30 years, Simone will share her wisdom about the planets, how we are affected and offer each participant information about their chart.

Divination; Tarot, Pendulum, muscle testing.

Ritual:   Connecting with the ancestors

Goddess invoked: Hecate, the crone, death.

8. Sunday, December 20th
Yule- Winter Solstice

Workshop: Final project- Participants offer a presentation on the Goddess of their choosing.

Ritual: Return of the light. Claiming the Priestess as a way of life. 

Goddess invoked: Isis



Paid in Full

by Program Start




 $297 Deposit

with 6 monthly payments of $297


 $175 Deposit 

with 12 monthly payments of $175


To send an application for

Path of the Priestess 







Once you commit to this program there are




Additionally, if you leave the program before its completion, you are contractually bound to fulfill your payments for the entire program

 since your spot cannot be filled once the

program begins.

We apologize for any inconvenience


Testimonials from Priestess Initiates

Since joining The Path of the Priestess Program I have undergone a personal transformation that has given me the confidence to speak before a large group of people and own my personal power as a woman that I struggled to find for so many years. Dev is a powerful woman, leader, and mentor whose dedication to helping us advance is unparalleled. She is extremely knowledgeable and guides us through the process of setting up and conducting beautiful and moving rituals for the benefit of all people and her charisma is truly inspiring. That's just the tip of the iceberg because this program has allowed me to explore other areas of my spiritual practice such as astrology, herbalism, and spell work which I now use daily. Thank you, Dev, for supporting my journey toward becoming a Priestess! It has been an unforgettable experience and connecting with other like-minded women are things I will cherish!
Yvonne B.

Devra has a wealth of knowledge to impart about Wicca and the Goddess, including the basic tenants and philosophy, rituals and the priestess path. As a performer and dancer, Devra is especially powerful when teaching how to enact ritual and celebrate the Wiccan festivals. She brings in experts as well on topics such as astrology, crystals and plants. If you are interested in laying claim to the old Goddess wisdom and incorporating magick into your life, The Path of the Priestess will provide you the tools and introduce you to a welcoming and warm community of fellow acolytes.
Shannon S.

Being a priestess isn’t just about the learning and the practice, but about the re-remembering. Remembering who we are and what power we as women hold. Through this program and Devra I did just that. I reclaimed my power, my confidence, my voice, and learned so much more. This program and the connections you make with not only your sisters and this community, but with yourself and the divine goddess is pure magic. To sum everything up in one would it would be honor. I am honored, truly honored, and so blessed to have received this calling and opportunity. I would recommend this program to any sister who feels that spark of magic, that call to a higher place, the beautiful connection to mother earth, to rise up and reclaim your power!
Tori F.

Being part of the Path of the Priestess program was an experience I will never forget. I had always been intrigued and drawn to Wicca and Paganism, and this was the perfect introduction and training to get me started on this path.
I feel a strong sense of sisterhood and belonging with this special group of women, and I loved how Dev held space for every single one of us and encouraged us along the way. I found myself always looking forward to the next meeting, and I learned SO much each time. It was so gratifying to have learned about ritual crafting over the last year, and to then put together and participate in a special ritual for Dev and Samhain with the other priestesses. I have also integrated what I have learned into my own spiritual practices, and daily routines, which feels really good. I am enthusiastically and proudly calling myself a pagan/Wiccan/ or witch now. Thank you for this Magickal program!
Jillian L.

Through the Path of the Priestess, I have gained a coven of witchy sisters and life long friends who accept each other for exactly who we are and foster one another's growth. During these magical Sundays, I have remembered the witch in me from my past lives, awakened the knowledge I hold innately within, and learned to trust my magical abilities.

I have been encouraged by Devra and my sisters to fully allow myself to step into my Priestesshood and begin this journey. The knowledge and empowerment that i have gained in this year, I will certainly continue to cultivate and pass on to others in my own work.

Communing with the natural phases and rhythms of mother Earth and father Sky through paganism has brought me closer to myself and my true nature. Claiming the title "Priestess" has aligned my with my highest self.

I highly recommend the Path of the Priestess year long training to everyone seeking magic and God/Goddess within themselves.

Sasha Z.

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