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 2023 Wiccan Workshop Series

Learn about the practise of Wicca

and find out if this is what you have been seeking.

In this three part workshop series of 9 classes you will learn about The Wheel of the Year, how to create a ritual and why, what tools are used, about the elements, rasing energy, magick, spells and so much more.

Take a step into the world of  Natural Magick!



 Sunday Jan 22nd-Free Intro-12:45-1:45 

Part One

#1. Sunday Jan. 22nd-2:00-4:30 

#2. Sunday Feb. 19th-2:00-4:30

#3. Sunday March 19th-2:00-4:30

Part Two

#1. Sunday April 16th-2:00-4:30

#2. Sunday May 21st-2:00-4:30

#3. Sunday June 18th-2:00-4:30

Part Three

#1. Sunday July 16th-2:00-4:30

#2. Sunday August 20th-2:00-4:30

Arrival for all Workshops- 1:45 PM





Two Attendance Options

 Option #1

In Person at Dev's Magickal Garden

1859 Whaley Ave San Diego, CA 92104.

Option #2

Online with ZOOM. Pre-Paid Only 



Workshop Descriptions


Sunday Jan 22nd 12:45-1:45- FREE one hour Intro to the Series.

Learn more about the classes offered, ask questions, and get a feel for the facilitator and the group. Attendance at the intro is recommended for everyone signing up for any part or all of the series.



#1- Sunday Jan 22nd- The Wheel of the Year

Learn about the 8 holidays called Sabbats that are celebrated in Wicca and other Pagan traditions. The celebrations are based on the seasons and cycles of the sun. Also covered in this workshop is a brief explanation of the moon cycles and how both solar and lunar cycles influence our lives and our rituals.


#2- Sun Feb 19th - 2:00-4:30- Altar Layout and Witches Tools

Magickal tools used by Wiccans will be taught in this class; how, when and why they are used. You will also learn how to create a Wiccan Altar using these tools, elements of nature and your creativity. This class is both study and application. Bring whatever tools you have and an altar cloth and you will create an altar. Other elements of nature such as feathers, candles, shells and crystals may be brought and used on your altar.


#3- Sun March 19th - 2:00-4:30- Crafting Rituals

Rituals are a big part of the practice of Wicca. Learn about the structure, process, and considerations for creating a ritual either solo or in a group. There is a lot of flexibility when creating a ritual but there are also tried and true methods you will learn to apply.



#1- Sun April 16th- 2:00-4:30- Magick & Spells; Preparation and Application

Preparation for magickal work is as important as the work itself. In this class you will learn energy work, how to identify and clear limiting beliefs and old stories, how to clarify your  intention, creatively visualize, open your voice of power

and apply these learnings to spell casting.


#2- Sun May 21st -2:00-4:30- Working with Herbs, Symbols & Stones

Working with herbs, symbols and stones is the next step in creating magickal spells. This basic 101 workshop will cover various herbs and gems and what they are used for and how to add symbols for your spells, protection and healing.

#3- Sun June 18th- 2:00-4:30- Raising Energy for Magickal Working. PLUS a Summer Solstice Ritual

The final part of this series is the practice of raising energy so your magickal work is charged and useful. The most common ways to raise energy are through dance and movement, with the voice with chanting and singing and with rhythm and drumming. You are welcome to bring your own instrument, some are provided.

The 2nd half of this workshop is a summer solstice ritual to practice raising energy firsthand!



#1-Sun. July 16th- 2:00-4:30- The 5 Elements

Wiccans and other Earth based religions are deeply connected to the natural world. Within this world is a miraculous amount of energy, information, and resonance with our human existence. In this class you will learn about the 5 elements: air, fire, water, earth and spirit, their correspondences to the times of day, seasons, colors, animals, elementals, tools, qualities, and gifts each one brings to humanity.


#2-Sun August 20th- 2:00-4:30- Invoking The Elements

The 2nd class in this series, you will learn how to call in (invoke) the directions with the corresponding elements for rituals. Using a template provided for assistance or you may write your own invocations branching out with your own poetic creativity.



Single Workshop- $44

We are sorry but there are no refunds once payment is made.

Payment for 1, 3 or 6 workshops may be applied to any workshop but you are encouraged to attend all 3 in one series.

Indicate which workshops you will attend with your registration.

Pre-payment is highly encouraged.

Drop-ins dependant on space permitting. Seating is limited


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