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This Program Is For You If:

~You want to overcome the fear of being seen or heard

~ You want to claim your ultimate power

~You are a creator and are ready to become an inspiration

~You have talent and want to express yourself

~Want to start 2019 fully empowered

~You are tired of hiding and are ready for a breakthrough

~You need to change yourself but don't know how

~You want to perform on stage and crave an opportunity

~You have an important message to share with the world

~You feel Divine Feminine Energy bursting from you


~Your creativity wants to be expressed

In This Program You Will:

~Become confident on and off stage


~Be empowered to express yourself

~Stand in your full energy

~No longer be silent or live in fear

~Have a chance to perform and express your creative talents

~Experience The Goddess speaking through you

~Embody a Goddess to share Her story

~Be a catalyst for the Divine Feminine returning to Earth

This program is important because the world needs women to become fully empowered. Our culture lacks balance and needs the energy of The Goddess to return to earth through every woman. Women bring wisdom, feminine principles and love. Her story became “history” and her message has been lost over time. The Goddess needs women to embody her message and share it with the world.

So, if you're ready to embark on a magnificent journey of empowerment, become the inspiration you know you can be and have the confidence to be seen in your truth this is your opportunity.

It's time for women to live a life of purpose; to be honored, respected, and acknowledged.

It is time for women to change the world.

I am Devra Gregory, a performance breakthrough facilitator. I have had a career in the performing arts for over 40 years and as a spiritual mentor for over 25 years. I help women overcome fear of being seen and heard so they can experience and share their divine potential. I can help you. I created Goddess Speak as your opportunity to change your life and make a difference in the world. If you are ready for the ultimate breakthrough this program is for you!

Are You Ready

For The Ultimate Breakthrough?

We will utilize the tools of stage mastery, storytelling, and ritual to create an experience of total transformation for yourself and for the audience.

During this program, you will be creating your own monologue

to present for the breakthrough performance.

Program Cost: $1,699
Payment plan

A Deposit of $400  


3 monthly payments of $433


Early Bird
Save $600!
$999 Paid in Full
one month prior to the start of the program
Save $400!
$1,299 Paid in Full

the 1st day

of the program


Once you commit to this program and begin payments there are


Additionally, if you drop out you are still obligated to complete your payments for the program since your spot cannot be filled once the program begins.

We apologize for any inconvenience

To send an application


You must be


to join this program.

Spaces are extremely limited.

Goddess Speak
Performance Breakthrough
Program Dates 2019
To Be Announced

A four-month, in person, group program designed to help you fulfill your passion and purpose while embodying The Goddess on stage to change the world. This program is held in San Diego, CA.

This Program Includes:


  • 2 full day immersions

  • 7 Evenings

  • 1 Dress Rehearsal

  • Breakthrough Performance


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