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Curses and Cursing- The same or not?

You are in a hurry, your stress levels are high already and you get on the freeway. Your breathing is shallow, you grip the wheel  and lean forward as if it would get you there sooner. Someone wizzes  by you and cuts in front of you. You are forced to  slam on your brakes to avoid a collision. Then you do the unthinkable. You curse them. 

You don’t realize you are placing a curse on them, you are simply cursing! You yell out loud at the other person in their car doing what you may have done to somebody else when you were in an even bigger rush.  We do this all the time, trading curses. Stupid idiot! Moron! Jerk! Crazy MFer!  What you are doing on the energetic level is not much different then putting a curse on someone in a magical sense. The only difference is that one is unintentional and the other is planned and calculated.

We are bombarded by each other‘s energy constantly and consistently.  Our bodies are not only transmitters of energy they are also receivers. You know what it feels like when someone screams at you; you go into defensive mode Your court is all levels rise and it’s either fight or flight. Unless, you are well  practiced  in meditation and staying calm in the storm. Most of us are not. I find myself getting aggravated all the time especially driving, however now I am so aware of it that I am able to nip it in the bud. Unfortunately once I get aggravated even if I am able to quiet down the reaction and not yell out loud  it has already done it’s damage on my nervous  system putting a "curse" on my self! In the unfortunate circumstance that that my energy does get released in the form of “a curse” there is a powerful force of energy propelling those words to its destination. The more stress or elevated energy (whether good or bad)  gives the words even more impetus. When that negative energy hits the recipient it aggravates their nervous system and disturbs their psyche creating an ongoing chain of negativity.  When we curse at someone we are most certainly placing a curse on them! What is a curse? It is negative energy intended to affect the recipient adversely. So, do you see how much your cursing is like a curse? The words being the same is no coincidence. 

So how do we change this negative cycle?

One way is to meditate on a regular basis to train the nervous system to be in a calm state. Simply taking several deep breath‘s will help your nervous system reboot , And staying in that calm state for at least 20 minutes in the morning will help you the rest of the day. That way, when somebody interferes with your trajectory instead of reacting you simply notice their behavior without allowing it to affect you.  Try it. The next time you are in your car and someone drives in a way you deem unsafe or jerk like, simply noticed them in a hurry. Rather than get annoyed, try sending them some positive energy to create a safe container around their car so no one else is affected by their unconscious driving . Disturbing their energy field with your negative energy is only going to make matters worse. I am assuming that you already know that we are made of energy, our thoughts are energy, and our thoughts affect things and people around us. If you are reading this concept for the first time know it to be true. Our thoughts can be measured with machines and this can be proven now, it is not woo woo, it is physics. Quantum physics and energy work are beginning to unite in a common understanding. Now, we have to take  this knowledge to the level of application in our lives, on the road, in your homes and in your hearts. 


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