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We are not Neanderthals

I have been watching Gregg Braden’s class on The Shift Network called Human By Design about what makes us human. We have been going by Darwin’s theory of evolution and “survival of the fittest” (or strongest) for 150 years. Now that we have DNA and genetic codes revealed, this turns out to be absolutely wrong. They are still teaching it, but science has discovered this not to be true. There are too many huge gaps in this theory and even Darwin said his theory could be wrong. What? We didn’t evolve from Neanderthals? No. Apparently not. We co-existed with other primitive humanoids and probably interbred (that’s why we have a small part in our ancestry readings). And, it turns out we are not inherently violent, we are compassionate, the world is not one of competition, but mostly that of cooperation as we learn from nature, and empathy is just as predominant in our potential as hatred.

In essence our whole lives have been one big fat lie. And, we have been behaving “as if” what we have been taught is true. We teach The Lie to the kids, who get messed up and struggle to survive, fight with each other and dominate with the ego self since that’s what our parents taught us. But what if we taught our children (and relearned this ourselves) that the Universe is a loving place here to support us? That helping and loving each other makes us happy (not accumulating stuff) and there is an abundance of Earth’s resources as long as they are distributed wisely. How different our world would be!?

Additionally, we have been using our minds to make decisions, but our hearts and also our guts have cells of intelligence that actually “think” like our brains, yet are connected to our feeling sense, not our thought process. We have been behaving like a primitive species because we still think of ourselves that way. We are not. We have a very specialized chromosome that gives us speech and the ability to have empathy. So why in the world are we acting like a bunch of wild violent chimpanzees? While science speculates on this mysterious chromosome appearing 200,000 years ago, I think we had an infusion of Divinity, a spiritual intervention that tweaked the code, because we were ready to make a quantum leap. Science won’t talk about spirituality, it is the “forbidden zone” but I’m not a scientist so I can speculate freely! Or, maybe our star seed ancestors tweaked the code. But that’s another blog!

Many people are waking up to our true nature. Others are acting out of The Lie. What makes us human is that we have the choice to act cruelly or compassionately. With every single thing that happens “out there” we can choose to react with insult, as if that thing out there was threatening us, and to lash out from our protective egos. Or, we can choose to hold that thing “out there” empathically realizing this behavior is caused by an energy that has swept whatever “it” is into that whirlpool of negativity. If we judge that thing as wrong, we are being pulled into the me vs them, right or wrong mentality and that is the old way of protecting the primitive self. Just because the majority of people believe something doesn’t make it true. Remember, we have choice.

Acting out of love and compassion for all beings is how The New Earth will awaken and that many are already living from. It’s really an evolution of consciousness, or, we are finally catching up to the code from 200K years ago. Took us a while to figure this out, especially since we’ve been living from false beliefs about ourselves for so long.

We are NOT insignificant, we are magnificent! Our “lizard brain” is not the primary ruler, our pineal, the connection to our Divine source is, and we have the immense ability to charge forward not with fangs exposed, but with our hearts wide open.

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