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What it Means to be Sovereign

We have a choice. We haven't always realized this. Our lives have been conditioned to believe and follow everything the media, the government, religions, bosses, parents or any other "authority" figures tell us.

However, we can look within to our own inner wisdom to be the guiding light for ourselves.

You might wonder: how are people going to behave without someone telling them what to do? We need a higher authority to maintain order, without which life would be chaos!

The reality is that we ARE in chaos because we are not following the wisdom of our inner knowing. Because we still haven't gleaned that everything we do matters to our lives AND to others. We have lost our inner moral compass because we are constantly waiting for someone else to tell us what is right and to validate our beliefs. Most people do not trust themselves. We forgot our connection to source energy and the interconnection with nature and natural law. What is that?

~ To every action there is an equal or greater reaction.

~ We create our reality with our thoughts, word, deeds, feelings and actions.

~ If we create our lives with passion and dedication, we won't be swept up in someone else's more powerful reality.

In other words:

If we each don't create our lives based on what we feel is right for ourselves, we will be swept into the current of current events and someone else's story.

That story is usually filled with fear and conflict. The concept of Hell was created with the desire to control the masses and to bring them to Mass. Then, controlling people with taxes, the concept of racial inequality and lately with harmful food, big pharma, chemicals in the air, harmful frequencies, disconnection from nature (the list goes on and on) we've become slaves to "the system".

Everything is made of energy. There are countless opinions, thoughts, beliefs and "vortexes of energy all around us. What we think mostly about is the group that we are attracted to. For better or for worse, like attracts like. We get swept up into a flow of thoughts that are most similar to what we already think and feel. To change direction is immensely difficult, like salmon swimming upstream. The desire to go against the flow has to be stronger than the flow itself. To swim alone without others to support you (others who think the way you do) takes the most amount of effort. Most people do not have the conviction of their beliefs to that. We need to be validated (again right or wrong) for what we think is true. So we gravitate toward experiences that confirm what we already think is true, so we become "right".

Really, if you tune in to the Divine spark within, you KNOW what is right for you. You know who you choose to love, how and to whom you choose to pray, how you want to dress, what you want to buy (or not), how you want to earn a livelihood, what you want to study or create, what you believe, what you want to do with your own body and all other decisions that YOU ought to be in control of. That is sovereignty.

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