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Grief and Gratitude

We may never fully grasp the reason for certain choices other souls make on their journey through life. We have our own lessons and experiences to go through; one soul might savor the miracle of life and another might feel burdened by it. Some come to find joy, others suffer.

Buddhist teachings remind us that it is attachment that creates suffering. Is our task as humans then to love with out expectation? To find joy without holding on to outcome? To let go of desire? My philosophy is that the more we align our selves to the vibration of Love and Gratitude, the more we will naturally find the treasures life offers. The Divine, however it is perceived for you, is, in it's most simple explanation the all encompassing vibration of Love. We see suffering all around us with fires, shootings, and those in power seeking to control rather to support. How to love in this dimension is the ultimate test we come into this world to accomplish. For some, the task is too great, the suffering overcomes us and we can not endure any longer.

My older sister, Hobi was one such person, a tortured, brilliant soul who felt profoundly troubled by the imperfections of life. Sadly I share the news that Hobi chose to leave her life and passed away early this week. She continues on in the worlds to come (I do believe in the eternal presence of the soul) and her spirit is finally free. With the passing of my older sister I am reminded yet again to be grateful for every single breath I take, to treat people kindly, and to find love in the darkest of times.

I lost my Dad 3 years and 10 days before her passing and found that grief as a learning experience is a powerful teacher. Releasing, accepting and unconditional love taught me what is truly important in life. We are here so temporarily, we are so fragile and in a flash we could be gone. How much more important this makes savoring every moment.

I hope you felt true love and gratitude yesterday, and not only enjoyed a large meal. Thanksgiving is a great chance to express gratitude for life. At any moment we could be gone from this world, a new existence revels itself and the suffering becomes an opportunity to find compassion for all. Love and gratitude, Dev

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