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Overlapping Realities

I have been going on evening walks in my neighborhood now that dance and yoga studios are closed. For those who know me, I'm a dance fanatic and was taking class every day, sometimes multiple classes. In these most unusual times when our world is no longer as it was just several weeks ago, being adaptable is a must. Many teachers are going on line, but I have been feeling like being outside more, not sitting (or even dancing at) my computer. Tonight's walk brought some deep reflection about the nature of our reality. "What IS real" my mind pondered. Some people believe one thing so adamantly and others believe something completely different. For some of us this is a welcome pause, for others a living hell (especially for the unfortunate who've had or have the virus or have a loved one affected).

I was thinking about how we are being bombarded with frequencies all the time; radio waves, cell waves, micro waves (almost the same frequency) and more natural frequencies like from the sun. Our thoughts also produce waves or frequencies. Our bodies and energy fields do too. This is detectable, not all woo woo. Just like transmissions from towers or satellites, each thought is a spark of energy that get's shot out of our minds and goes into the air like a cell call, only weaker. Some are directed thoughts but most are random energy literally ricocheting all over the place. You might get "hit" with one of these random thoughts and "come up with" something you hadn't thought of before. Usually, these flying thoughts will trigger a pre-existing thought since you have already developed a propensity for that truth so you easily default on what you usually think. Our minds are also very easily programmed by the media and advertising. When we see/hear something often enough it embeds itself into our default programming. What we experience in the world is a reflection of the repetitive patterns of our thoughts and the willful programming by the media. We are quite literally living in a sea of energy waves all crashing about, some very specific, some random. All of theses waves coexist, overlapping each other. Even if you you don't succumb to advertising, your reality is still "overlapping" with other peoples. Accidents happen when two different realities collide. Sometimes "collisions" of energy are not bad, you might meet a person on the other side of the world that you fall in love with and it will feel like "wow! That was magic!".

There really is no ONE truth. Everyone has their own version of reality. There are many realities and they are coexisting right at this very moment. Our minds tend to default to the most common or widely repeated thought and when enough people start to think the same thing at the same time, we either have a cult following, mass hysteria, riot or an awakening into higher realms of consciousness (my vote). Whatever "group think" is stronger than the other becomes our perceived reality. It's more difficult to be the outsider, that person has to have a deep conviction in their own truth.

I find myself tuning in and out of these 4 possibilities.

Which reality station are YOU tuning into?

~ One says that this is all a 1% plot to overthrow the world, implant chips through forced vaccinations, take away our freedom and turn humankind into slave labor for Alien invaders. (this one is very scary) Or ~ That Covid-19 came from a market in China, has mutated out of control and if we just stay inside, follow the rules, don't connect, don't go into nature, wear masks, sanitize everything then sooner or later life will resume. (this is the most popular) Or ~ That Mother Nature created a virus because She has been poisoned long enough and she's taking her planet back. That Fires, tsunamis and hurricanes weren't enough to get our attention, and just like in past times when a single volcano had the potential to kill most life on the planet, we are no more than parasites and She must do what She must do to for the planet to survive. (not a popular version) Or ~ That this is an opportunity to reset ourselves into unity consciousness- to realize that even though we are physically distant, that we are still inextricably connected. To stop finding fault and blame and dividing ourselves. That this is a time for us to meditate, connect with our family, clean out old closets physically and metaphorically and vision a new world of love and interconnections rising from the ashes like a Phoenix from this experience.

We have the time now that our reality has shifted to examine our "truth" and decide to put our thought waves of energy into creating something way better. The thing is, this place called Earth and the nature of being Human is that we have free will. We can choose to harm or help. Overthrow or overcome. Power over or power through. Control others or control our own random fearful thoughts and turn them into something good. Like Love. It is time to respect The Earth for her power to create and to destroy, for she has choice, too. I believe loving Mother Earth, enjoying the simplicity of connecting to Her barefoot on the ground, eating healthy foods She provides, respecting animals even if you choose to eat them, reducing harmful thoughts, chemicals, negative frequencies of many kinds and getting back to Love will heal us on many levels of reality. This is the truth I choose to believe. Will you tune into that reality? With deep love, Blessed be, Dev

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