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You can't change the past, but.....

Updated: May 17, 2020

Lots of people had suck a** childhoods. There is no doubting that. For those of us who believe we chose our birth parents, we also have to acknowledge that our choices also might have sucked. Our beliefs around life vary greatly.

Either we hoped to satisfy our karmic debt by having a difficult experience, but got amnesia and keep doing the same stupid sh*t.

Or, we wanted to infiltrate the dark side (Dad/Mom) and turn him/her to the Force. (those are the good guys for the Star Wars illiterates.)

Or, it was just random awful chance that we got stuck with terrible parents.

All of these scenarios are in the "life sucks" arena, and victim consciousness pervades our every day, our every thought, every interaction.

Because when you are programmed at a young age to believe/know/feel that life is a hostile unwelcoming place, with people in the story who fight daily, usually that's whats going to be created. Cause if you see it, you believe it and the Universe complies. But there are those people who come out of traumatic experiences with the gumption to change it. Or change something. How do they do it? The past can not be changed and our childhood decisions about how we perceive the world will always be our childhood decisions.

But, when you decide to make new choices as an adult, not based on the past but by creating a different future that's when stuff gets rearranged in the workings of the world. Persistence creates a new pathway in the brain until that becomes the habit.

You can not change what happened "to you" in the past, but you can start to re-frame and say it happened, not "to you" (victim mentality) but it just happened and you were in the field of it's influence. If you stay in the field of the pasts influence and don't derail the beliefs it created, you will stay there. But, if you start a new story based on NOW and on what you can imagine for what's next you can create a different reality. Put "blinders" on and only see what you want to see.

No, it's not being blind to the pain and suffering, we KNOW in our hearts it's happening, it happened. Yet, we can narrow the field of our vision to see a better world.

When you turn on the TV you will get sucked back into the programming of violence, pain and suffering.

When you dwell on your own past you will get pulled back into the way things were.

When you scroll endlessly for shocking news articles or videos (...why in the world do you want to see those??? ) you are reinforcing the programmed reactions.

See it, be it.

When enough people are thinking about WHAT WE ARE CREATING rather that WHAT HAS BEEN CREATED that's when the quantum leap of a new world get's thought/brought into being-ness

The power of our visual imagination is boundless. That is where the birth of creatively dwells. Get in touch with that side of your thinking. Day dream beautiful worlds. Picture in your minds eye a peaceful, green Earth.

Use your imagination to see yourself living with a different view point. One where the world is supportive and loving. Even if it's not yet habit, the more you reinforce the Force rather than dwelling in the past Darkness, that is when Life can bring you more joy and happiness.

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